Terms Of Use

Please take your time to read the following terms of use carefully. Remember that whenever you access our site or use our services, it means you accept to be lead by the following terms of use and other terms formed into a legal corporation by reference. Therefore, you should not use the services or access the website if you don’t agree with any of these terms.
1. Eligibility
For one to access our website or use our services, he/she must be more than 18 years. If you use another person to access or use our services, that person or you as an individual must be answerable if there is a violation of our terms of use.
2. Copyright and Limited License
Unless there is any indication, the services, and any other materials in these services such as exee.io, videos, all designs, software, graphics, data, pictures, sound files, text, and exee.io materials are the property of exee.io or users or our licensors and are under the protection of international copyright laws.
3. Copyright Complaints
If you find that there is something on the services that infringes upon a copyright you own or the one you’re controlling, make a step of filing a notification relating to such infringement with our agent.Check our website on how to file a proper notification. However, you should note that intentional misrepresentation in your information claiming that something on the services is infringing will mean that you’ll be held responsible for any damages, including attorney fees, and costs suffered by us or the alleged infringer because of relying on such information in disabling access to something on the services claimed to be infringing.
exee.io is our trademark, and it should not be copied or used in part or whole without written permission from the relevant trademark holder or us. You’re not allowed to use a text or meta-tags that use our trademark without written permission from us.
5. Hyperlinks
You should note that you have a limited right to generate a text hyperlink to the services we offer, but the hyperlink must be for non-commercial purposes. However, you should ensure that the link is not portraying the services or products we provide falsely. Also, it should not be misleading or expressed in a defamatory manner.6. Third-Party Content
exee.io may give third-party content and links to website pages and third-party content to those who have an interest in this information. However, there is no control, endorsement, or adoption of any Third Party Content by exee.io  Also, exee.io does not represent or make any warranty relating to the third party content.